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Adjustments Before Running: It’s a Must

Whether you have been a long-time runner or you have decided you want to run your first marathon, it’s important to schedule an adjustment before running such a long distance. It will help with your overall performance and help you with the healing process afterwards.

Think about the kind of stress that you put on your body when you run. Doctors and sports therapists have said for years that there is nothing worse for the body than running. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run. You simply need to prepare your body for what it is about to go through – and that’s where a chiropractor comes in.
Everything is connected to your spine. If your spine is not in the best shape, it’s going to cause pain everywhere – your legs, your feet, your arms, everywhere. If your spine is in good shape, then you won’t experience as much pain, and it can lead to a faster recovery.
Flexibility is important. When you run, you don’t want to be stiff. It can cause more pain and make you less productive on the track. When you are more flexible, it allows you to absorb more as your feet hit the ground with each stride that you take.
Chiropractic care can help improve your flexibility. This is because adjustments can work on getting your spine into alignment and helping with any knots that may have formed within your muscles and ligaments. When you do begin to run, you can take longer strides and not have to worry about being in any kind of pain.
An added benefit to visiting the chiropractor before you go running is that you can have a faster recovery afterwards. Many people are in pain afterwards because the misalignments in their back have been brought to center stage, and all of that can push down on the lower back. Recovery takes longer and you don’t want to be off your feet for several days following a marathon or any other kind of activity that involves a lot of running.
Think about going to the chiropractor like going to take your car for an oil change. You wouldn’t race your car or take it for a long drive without first knowing if everything is going right under the hood, would you? At the very least, you want your oil changed. The same principles are in place for when you run. You want to make sure your body, especially your back, is in the best possible condition so you can avoid injury and recover faster.
The chiropractic appointment can be made several weeks prior to your big run. From there, your chiropractor can tell you more about the kind of schedule you will want to keep with the adjustments leading up to your run to better prepare you. A few adjustments afterwards can help as well, and you will be a better runner for taking the time to get your body in better shape. Your back will certainly thank you.