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Alternative Pain Treatments with Spinal Decompression

spinal decompression
Many people suffer from a variety of frustrating conditions leading to back, neck and joint pain. Chronic lower back pain, sciatica, stiff joints and bulging or herniated discs in the back are often the cause of pain and discomfort that may interfere with your normal activities. Neural impingement, also known as pinched nerves, can cause pain in the back, neck, legs and joints. Besides physical discomfort and limitations with mobility, constant physical pain can have a detrimental effect on your mood and overall well-being. Pain can be distracting, and can cause excess stress and depression. You may have tried everything from physical therapy to pain medications to alleviate your pain, only to be disappointed with little or no success. After many attempts to remedy your pain, sometimes it seems like the only thing left is invasive surgery. If your feel you have run out of options, there is a treatment available that may work for you. It is safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It is called spinal decompression, and it might be the right choice for you.

Spinal decompression is a safe alternative to an invasive, risky back surgery. Non-surgical decompression is performed using mechanical traction, either with a motorized device or on a decompression table. The device utilizes an on-board computer, which controls the force and angle of the disc distraction, reducing the body’s natural inclination to resist external force or cause a muscle to spasm. The controls allow the decompression table to create a traction force to the discs of the spinal column reducing pressure. There are several varieties of spinal decompression, including articulating decompression or range of motion decompression, which works with the patient’s posture. The procedure requires no risky anesthesia, injections or medications. For some people, this may be a safer or more effective alternative to other methods they have already tried. Spinal decompression can be used to treat sciatica, pain associated with fibromyalgia and arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and disc herniation. It can also provide relief from painful pressure on one or many nerves in the back or neck.
There are many benefits to spinal decompression. With minimal risk and no side effects, spinal decompression is a natural physical therapy that is a great alternative to surgical procedures. Many patients find the procedure to be quite relaxing and comfortable, and enjoy the process as well as its effects afterward.
There is no need to suffer any longer with disabling pain from headaches, arthritis or back problems. Our friendly staff here at AV Chiropractic Health Center will examine your condition and tailor your spinal decompression therapy session to suit your needs and treat your pain. Contact us today for more information. You may find relief you never thought possible with spinal decompression.