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Are Smart Devices the Cause of Your Neck Pain?

You use a smart device at some point every day. This can be a smartphone, a tablet, or even a Blackberry to keep up-to-date on all of your appointments. Without you even realizing it, these devices could be the source of your neck pain.

You should have some idea as to what ergonomics are. This is the practice of making sure that everything is within reach and makes sense so you don’t have to over-reach, stand on your tippy toes, or stretch to be able to get something. It’s all about making smarter decisions. You should work smarter, not harder.
The layout that you use to access your smart devices matter. Think about how you generally interact with a device. You bend your head and neck down to look at the screen as you hold it in your hand. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting or standing. It’s likely in front of you, level with your belly button. This can cause your shoulders to hunch and your neck to bend down.
It’s not comfortable. You might not be aware of just how uncomfortable it is because you are engrossed by what’s on the screen. However, once you have put the device away, you may notice that your neck is stiff. You stretch it out and move it around to try and get the blood circulating again. The next time you get an email or need to check an appointment, however, you resume the same poor position.
Smart devices cannot be eliminated because you have grown too dependent on them. You can choose how you interact with them, though.
If you are going to stand and use a device, hold it up so the screen is level with your face. This will prevent you from bending down and contorting your neck to the screen.
If you are going to sit, try and do so at a desk. Place your elbows on the desk and then hold the device in front of your face. This will provide you with support and prevent you from having to look down.
You need to do what you can to create healthy ergonomics. Watch how other people interact with their device. It’s easier to see it on others than on yourself, so sit back and watch how the neck has to bend. It’s no surprise that they have a sore neck at the end of every day when using a mobile device of one kind or another.
There are things that you can do. Make an appointment with a chiropractor to fix some of the damage that has already been done. An adjustment can help to alleviate some of the pain that you are already experiencing. Then, focus on ways to set up the device at the level of your field of sight instead of having to bend your neck to see it properly.
Pay attention to what you do with your mobile device. You may be causing neck pain without even knowing it.