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Avoid Brain Fog by Seeing a Chiropractor

One of the unexpected side effects of seeing a chiropractor is the elimination of brain fog. You may notice that you have better focus and even brain function after you have had an adjustment. There are some great benefits to having your spine aligned. A misaligned spine could be causing more issues than just some back pain – and that’s why it’s worth making an appointment.

A lot is going on during an adjustment. There are subluxations being removed, and the spine is being aligned properly. When this occurs, there is proper nerve flow once again. The communication between the spine and the brain is restored, and this can increase the speed of the brain waves. People are able to process information faster because the nervous system has been restored to proper function.
For a quick anatomy lesson, there is a bone called the sphenoid. It is a butterfly-shaped bone that is a very important cranial bone because it directly or indirectly touches every other bone within your skull. At the bottom of the head, it forms a joint with the occipital bone and this allows for cerebrospinal fluid to pump through your nervous system.
If the sphenoid bone is out of alignment, it could be causing a slower pump of the cerebrospinal fluid through the nervous system, which is slowing down the communication to the brain. It can also be causing blurred vision because the wings of the bone are seated right behind the eyes.
When you get a full adjustment from the chiropractor, you are able to get  help with properly seating your sphenoid bone at the same time. This can help to resolve migraines, double vision, insomnia, sinusitis, depression, and so much more. It can also clear up any kind of brain fog you have been dealing with.
It’s important to remember that there are a total of 22 bones in the skull. They fit similar to that of a jigsaw puzzle. When there is one or more that are out of alignment, it’s going to take a toll on your mental faculties.
A good chiropractor is not going to work solely on your back and neck. You may experience some tapping on your skill, and this is to provide an alignment of the skull plates. When this occurs, the results can be quite powerful – and you may feel as though you have been given a new body because of the change in how your body reacts.
Any time you can improve the communication between the brain and the spine, you are going to see better results. Your overall mental health can be improved because the synaptic responses are firing faster and more effectively. You can clear up the issues and there won’t be any bones misaligned to cause problems.
If you have been feeling foggy, it may have everything to do with the misalignment of your spine and even the plates in your skull. An appointment with the chiropractor could rectify the issue.