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Balance Disorders: Effects and Treatments

balance disorders
What are balances disorders and how are they most effectively treated?
We’ll answer that, but before we get started, do you ever find yourself asking any or all of these questions?

  • Why do I have a balance disorder?
  • Why doesn’t it simply go away?
  • Why can’t I just be like normal people?
  • How bad can this balance disorder get?
  • Will I eventually be confined to a wheelchair or my bed?
  • Will I ever be able to live the life I used to?

See, if any one of these problems or concerns is affecting the quality of your life, then you need to finish reading this right now! Why do I say this?

Because you may discover how to get on a path where your pain and suffering can be relieved quickly, naturally, and affordably!
Nothing is worse than feeling great mentally, wanting to take in all life has to offer… only to have your natural enthusiasm and drive squashed because your glance disorder just won’t go away.
Isn’t it sad to feel so alive and full of vigor, and not be able to do all the things you want because your balance disorder is so pervasive, so intruding, and so unfair? Don’t you feel downright angry because this problem, these symptoms, just won’t go away?
If you do, it’s only normal. After all, who wants to be burdened with carrying a load of discomfort and living life through an all-encompassing fog of balance disorders? A balance disorder that’s always there when you stand up, sit down, lie down, or bend over. A balance disorder that’s always rearing its head, no matter how hard you try to ignore it.
It’s natural for people to try to tough it out and get on with their lives. “If I ignore it long enough, it will go away…” Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Ignoring your balance disorder will only make it worse over time. What was only a mild balance disorder a month ago may become a chronic, crippling balance disorder years down the road.
See, the bad thing about any balance disorder is that it sneaks up on you. The real cause of the balance disorder that you’re feeling right now may have happened years ago. It may have been such a small injury you may not have noticed it. Or maybe you felt a slight light-headedness, but it went away after a day or week so you didn’t think anything of it.
And slowly, over the years, as you continued to do your normal activities, that problem has secretly gotten worse and worse without you being aware of it. After a time, the straws slowly built up until one day they broke the camel’s back. Maybe what finally put you over the edge was that heavy chair you tried to lift, or that time you bent over too quick, or any one of a hundred things.
Whatever it was, the fact is you’re suffering from a balance disorder and you don’t have to anymore.
So what do you do? What choices do you have?
We know you may have already tried getting some relief from over-the-counter drugs, or you may have met with your private doctor and he prescribed Meclizine.
Meclizine hydrochloride is sold under the commercial names: Antivert®, Agyrax®, Bonine®, Bonamine®, Bonikraft®, Dramamine II®, Dramamine Less Drowsy®, Emetostop®, Medivert®, Postafen® (Sweden) and Sea-Legs®.
Instead of suffering from more symptoms, why not find the cause of your balance disorder…?
Let me share with you the story of a woman named Emily…
Emily is a thirty-year-old mother of two who works as a project manager with a local corporation. For the past few years, Emily has suffered from a mild lightheadedness that would flare up from time to time. Since it had always gone away after a day or so, she knew that if she toughed it out, she would be okay.
One day, in a rush to get the kids to daycare before work, Emily tried to pick up her 4-year old the same way she’s always done it. But this time was different. She felt like the world was spinning – something she had never felt before.
Emily felt dizzy all day. She tossed and turned all night, but no matter how she laid down, the dizzy feeling would not go away. Finally, at 2 AM, she sent her husband to the store to find a medication that would help her sleep.
Right away she felt better, but she’d have to take another couple pills every few hours because the dizziness would come right back as soon as the pills wore off. After a couple weeks, she was taking more pills more often just to keep the dizzy feeling away so she could get on with her life.
After two months of taking the drugs, Emily realized that she was no better off and that she just didn’t feel like the same pleasant person she’d always been. Out of desperation, Emily went to the family doctor she had been seeing since she was ten. He had to know how to get rid of her dizziness once and for all!
After a brief conversation in the exam room, Dr. Olson told Emily she had an inner ear problem. He gave her a pat on the head and a prescription for Meclizine. “Take a couple days off,” he said. “Relax, stay in bed. You’ll be back to yourself in no time. If it gets worse, come back in and we’ll try something else.”
Emily stayed in bed for two days, taking more and more pills just as her doctor instructed. But things didn’t get better. In fact, they only got worse.
Most doctors will treat YOUR balance disorder with medications or exercises, and if those treatments don’t work, they will probably tell you to…“LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!”
What Emily didn’t know was that her doctor was never trained to detect or diagnose the real cause of her vertigo. In fact, most doctors have no idea how to treat someone with balance disorders. It’s just not their specialty. And since they have no background in this area, they make improper diagnoses and deliver improper treatments that just don’t work.
You see, your medical doctor may have diagnosed your condition as an “inner ear problem,” which it could be. However, a large cause of dizziness is due to a decreased firing of the cerebellum and not simply “an inner ear problem.” The cerebellum is the back part of the brain which controls your balance and movement. When there are decreased impulses in the cerebellum, you will experience a balance disorder. Please understand that the inner ear AND the cerebellum is CONNECTED by the vestibular branch of the 8th cranial nerve and…
Unless the REAL cause of your balance disorder (i.e. the cerebellum) is treated, you’ll never get better!
Emily didn’t know about any of this, just like you may not have. But because you now have this knowledge in your hands, you won’t have to suffer like Emily did.
Soon enough, Emily was back in Dr. Olson’s office feeling worse than ever. She and her husband seemed to be fighting all the time, and her relationships with her kids were no better. Her four-year-old now referred to her as “mean mommy.” If Dr. Olson couldn’t help her, she didn’t know what she would do.
Dr. Olson told her that physical therapy would be the answer. He told her he knew a great therapist, and before she knew it, her life would be back to normal.
Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes physical therapy can help tremendously. Head exercises or Epley’s maneuver does work, and I even use it in my office with certain balance disorder patients. In some instances, I’ve even sent some of my own patients to a physical therapist when I thought it was necessary. Unfortunately, when it comes to most cases of balance disorders, medications or exercises simply don’t work!
In Mathematical Terms:
Wrong Diagnosis + Wrong Treatment = YOU WITH A BALANCE DISORDER!
You see, the reason behind this goes all the way back to your doctor’s ability to diagnose the true cause of your balance disorder. If your doctor cannot clearly identify what’s causing your balance disorder, then the instructions he gives to the physical therapist don’t stand a chance of working. It’s like trying to bake a cake with the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
Most medical treatments for balance disorders only focus on removing symptoms. For instance, medications may make you feel better for a short time, but the balance disorder will still be there when they wear off. Also, you are left open to potentially dangerous side effects. Other treatments, such as head or eye exercises, are ineffective because they stem from a misdiagnosis. That is to say, your doctor could be treating the wrong side of your body.
After two months, Emily returned to her doctor in tears. Her life was a wreck. She was a mere shadow of the woman she once was. She could no longer sit straight in her chair without feeling dizzy. Sometimes the dizziness made her feel sick to her stomach.
Dr. Olson sat down beside her and put his hand on her shoulder. “Emily, I’ve done all I can. I’m going to refer you to Dr. Smith. He’s a surgeon who’s worked with cases like yours before. He’s had some success stories you may find interesting, although I can’t promise that he’ll be able to cure you. You may just have to learn to live with some dizziness for the rest of your life…”
Believe it or not, these words are spoken all around the country every day. Maybe they’ve even been spoken to you. To have a surgeon cut you open is a pretty drastic decision. You know you don’t want this option. There are too many questions: What if they’re wrong? What if my problem doesn’t go away? What if it gets worse?
These things happen all the time. In fact,
Inner Ear Surgery Is Often the Most Ineffective Form of Treatment for Balance Disorders!
And to top it all off, each time you go under the knife, you need to face the small but potential risk of going under anesthesia and getting an infection (This is becoming an alarming problem)!
Listen! You may not have to live with this! You DO have other options! You may not have to be on sleep-inducing drugs to keep the balance disorder under control! You may not have to get used to feeling like you are a drunken sailor. You should not have to alter your lifestyle because of your disorder!
There is a better option! And luckily for Emily and YOU, it’s about to be revealed. You’re about to…
Discover One of The Safest, Quickest, And Most Successful Treatments Of Balance Disorders To Date…
This is the most advanced, scientifically correct treatment there is. You see, this method doesn’t just sweep balance disorders under the rug, it treats the REAL cause of your condition. Because the source of your balance disorder is being taken away, you’ll quickly be out of the woods, possibly permanently! Like any truly advanced form of healing, this method works with your body’s own natural healing powers (that’s right, with some help your body can take care of itself!) to put you back to where you were before you were ever dizzy!
Isn’t that how healthcare should be delivered in the first place? Don’t you agree?
My name is Dr. Wayne Hodges, D.C. I work very closely with a good friend of mine, Dr. Michael L. Johnson, the author of the best-selling book; What Do You Do When the Medications Don’t Work?—A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Conditions. His office is in Appleton, Wisconsin and he is the only Carrick-Trained Chiropractic Neurologist in the Fox Cities… and as a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, he has personally trained me to correct the problems that are causing your balance disorder fast, and if possible, permanently.
Now, don’t think that because my methods are non-drug and non-surgical they are old-fashioned or low-tech. No way! What we’re talking about is a very sophisticated natural protocol to treat the problems in your cerebellum and inner ear that you have developed and can’t get rid of. Just because we don’t cut you open and view the back part of your brain under a lens, doesn’t mean what we do isn’t at the forefront of healthcare and won’t dramatically enhance the quality of your life!
We’ve been treating victims of balance disorders, just like you, for over 23 years – this stuff just plain works!
There’s something you’ve got to keep in mind. We are dedicated to changing the lives of balance disorder sufferers here in Lancaster, Palmdale and the greater Antelope Valley region. This is what we do. This is our calling. This is what we know forward and backward.
We’ve got over 23 years of experience helping balance disorder victims quickly and naturally without drugs or surgery.
We have over 25 years of clinical experience in treating balance disorders to BACK UP what I’m telling you right now. What we do is scientifically correct and proven by over a thousand patients who used to suffer… and no longer do!
Odds are, we’ve seen and helped people with the same exact problem you suffer from right now. (Without drugs and surgery, don’t forget!)
See, unlike some doctors, and possibly even your friends or spouse, we understand exactly how you feel. We don’t think your balance disorder is “in your head” or that you’re “exaggerating.” We don’t think it’s something you need to get used to or learn to live with. No!
We know how bad you feel. We know how horrible it is to have a lingering balance disorder that you can’t get rid of. We know how it feels to not be able to do the activities you used to love or to tell a child “Mommy can’t do that with you right now.”
When you explain your problems to us, we’re not going to downplay them just because they don’t appear on the surface or easily show up on an x-ray.
We’re not going to feed you lines like “you’re just going to have to learn to live with it.” And we’re not going to scare you into undergoing risky and expensive procedures for one of the most common conditions in the country…
Two days before her surgery was scheduled, Emily bumped into an old friend from high school while shopping for groceries. It wasn’t long before she was crying on her friend’s shoulder explaining everything that she’d been through with her dizziness, her kids, her job, and her husband.
Concerned, her friend Jessica explained that I had treated her husband a year before, and soon enough he was as good as new. I sat down with Emily and listened to her story. I explained a little about the same method I’m telling you about. Immediately her eyes lit up and she was eager for me to do an on-the-spot exam to find out what was really wrong with her. After a quick and painless Electronystagmography Test, I spotted a couple problems with her eye movements, and from there we designed a Recommended Action Plan to get rid of her balance disorder quickly and safely without drugs or surgery.
I’m happy to tell you that now Emily has her life back. She’s been free of vertigo for six months now and she reports that she’s feeling fantastic!
We’re not going to make you feel like there’s something weird or wrong with you. You’re not going to have to feel like you have to be guarded or cautious when you explain your ailments to us. We WANT you to unload your feelings, concerns, and fears so we can help you get better! WE UNDERSTAND.
While we can’t brag about being able to treat every condition out there, we do brag about being one of the leading authorities in the treatment of balance disorders in Southern California!
When you have a suffering marriage, for example, instead of going to the bar and covering up your pains and problems with alcohol, you should consult with a counselor specializing in spousal relationships. Similarly, when you have a balance problem, you should get help from a health care professional who only focuses on problems such as yours, someone who is experienced in finding and fixing the problem, not covering it up. Does that make sense?
When YOU Have a Chronic Balance Disorder, You NEED to be Calling OUR OFFICE ASAP!
We will never claim to be something we’re not. But if you want to get the right diagnosis, the correct evaluation, and the proper treatment for your balance disorder, then we are the experts to help you!
In this day and age of specialization, you need to always work with the right professionals who specialize in the area you need help in. Being “familiar” or “knowledgeable” about vertigo isn’t even close to being enough.
You need to get advice and help from people who have devoted their lives to eliminating balance disorders once and for all!
You wouldn’t want to have your child delivered by a doctor who assists with deliveries every now and then, would you? You wouldn’t want your teeth cleaned by someone who does that once or twice a month, would you?
So why would you go to a physician who has little, if any, working knowledge of EXACTLY how to diagnose and use non-chemical, non-surgical treatments to remove the CAUSE of balance disorders?
It doesn’t make sense. Now you know who does have the answers you seek so desperately. You’re almost there. So don’t stop now!
If you’re interested in checking this out further, you may be wondering how to get the information you need to make an educated decision on what to do.


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