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Balance Issues: How a Chiropractor Can Help

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Many people experience issues with balance on a daily or weekly basis. It can include dizziness, light headedness, nausea, and an actual problem walking in a straight line. It can be a difficult problem to manage and also lead to problems at work, driving, and more.

The balance issues and even vertigo symptoms can be addressed by going to a chiropractor. This is because there is spinal manipulation to help situate the bones properly, including allowing the bones at the base of the skull to be aligned properly. There are several bones within the skull that are responsible for balance and other issues.
If you experience problems with balance or vertigo, you may also experience blurred vision and a sharp pain behind one or both of your eyes.
X-rays can be ordered to learn about the various issues with alignment. This includes x-rays of the upper neck and the base of the skull to see where the bones are and what needs the most work. This can help to provide further guidance to the chiropractor to know where the greatest issues lie.
Often, the diagnosis is cerebellar dysfunction, which is based upon various neurological tests that are conducted. A patient will stand with feet together and eyes closed. If the patient sways, then the test is positive. There are various other tests to check balance as well.
The treatment is then a one-sided or unilateral adjustment. This will involve the cervical spine as well as the lumber spine and the arms and legs. They will be manipulated as a way of firing the muscle and joint receptors to the cerebellum of the same side as well as the opposite of the cerebral cortex (brain). The thoracic spine will then be manipulated on both sides to help reduce the rib fixations and ensure that the dorsal columns are firing.
In addition to the adjustments, there may be various other forms of treatment, which can include heat therapy, exercises, and more. Much of it depends upon the severity of the problem. All of it is designed to restore the cerebellum to normal functionality so that you can perform better and gain your balance once again.
When anyone loses their balance and experiences the dizziness and vertigo, the first thought is that it is a neurological problem. While it can be, it is not necessarily something to be concerned with. Much of it has to do with the way the spine is aligned and how the bones of the skull are connecting with the nerves of the brain.
Through various adjustments and other chiropractic care, it is often possible to reverse the effects and ensure that you are able to regain normal functions again. This way, you will get rid of your dizzy spells, and you can feel more confident as you drive around town and perform your job at work.
If you have problems with dizziness or vertigo, make the appointment with a chiropractor and learn about the treatment options that exist.