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Chiropractic care is an alternative treatment method used for various ailments for centuries.

Can Chiropractors Help with Mental Illness?

Chiropractic care is an alternative treatment method used for various ailments for centuries. People have started slowly diverging towards chiropractic care due to its endless benefits and non-invasive nature. It’s commonly used for back aches and other skeletomuscular disorders. However, the question that many find themselves asking is, “can chiropractors help with mental illness?”

Mental illness is the alteration in a person’s behavior, way of thinking, and cognitive activity. The correlation between mental illness and chiropractic care is based on removing interferences between the nervous system. It regulates the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems and stimulates the release of endorphins to achieve better mental health.
What mental illnesses does chiropractic help treat?

Anxiety is the state of tension, fear, and confusion. Studies report that around 40 million adults in the United States are suffering from anxiety. The body of a person in anxiety is constantly in flight or fight mode, which means the sympathetic nervous system is dominant. Spinal adjustments relieve the stress developed in the autonomic nervous system, thereby reducing the stress levels in the body.


Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep for extended periods. Chiropractic care relieves tension in the muscles and overall stress in the body. Consequently, a person’s sleeping pattern notices a positive effect and helps with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Several research studies with multiple test subjects have reported positive results of chiropractic care on sleeping difficulties.


Depression is associated with imbalances of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Spinal adjustments can help stimulate the secretion of oxytocin in the body, creating an enhanced sense of social bonding. Similarly, endorphins are also released in the body, improving a person’s mood. A research study with a 44-year-old person as a test subject concluded that chiropractic care could indeed help with managing symptoms of depression.

Chiropractic care does not receive the recognition it deserves. Sometimes, when nothing works, there’s always a possibility that a chiropractor can turn the shift around. AV Chiropractic believes in the power of spinal adjustments and helps hundreds of patients get to where they want to be.

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