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Car Comfort: Tips for Being More Comfortable While Commuting

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving or you are the passenger. Sitting in a car for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your back and your neck. Posture is of the utmost importance, and there are various ways for you to reduce your stress and resulting back tension while riding in the car.

Many car seats have lumbar support. These are usually in the form of dials on the side of the seat that you can adjust. Most people don’t take the time to make the adjustments, but it can make a significant difference in terms of comfort level, especially for long car rides.
If your car doesn’t have lumbar support or it is not at the level that you need it to be, it may be wise to invest in a lumbar support cushion. These can be found at car shops, chiropractor’s offices, and online. Some of them are made with wooden beads, while others are electronic and plug into your cigarette lighter.
It’s not just about the seat. You also want to make sure that you reduce your stress in anyway possible. While you are driving, having some soft music playing can help to keep your stress levels at bay. This can be jazz, classical, or some other music that reduces your endorphins. If you are listening to loud rock music, it can actually increase your stress levels and you may be more prone to road rage, which can cause you tension and affect your back.
There are also many books that have been turned into audiobooks. These allow you to listen to a story as you drive, which can help keep you tuned in on the road while maintaining a level of calm. Plenty of authors have decided to go with audiobooks, and if you have a Kindle or other e-reader, many of them have an audio feature as well, which will automatically read the text to you while you drive. With a simple plug or Bluetooth, it can flow right through your speakers.
It can also be advantageous to use a navigation system or smart phone in order to get driving directions. You may know how to get the location, but there may be a shorter route, which would allow you to spend less time in the car.
If you are not comfortable and you are experiencing tension, it’s only a matter of time before you experience back and neck pain. Much of the pain is likely going to settle in your lower back because of the impression that you are experiencing while sitting. A chiropractor can provide a treatment plan in order to help you overcome the pain. This can include decompression treatments, traction, as well as regularly scheduled adjustments. This is only going to be a temporary fix, however. Ultimately, you need to ensure that you are driving (or passengering) in a comfortable and stress-free way.