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Chiropractic Care and Popping Sounds

Popping Sounds Explained
If you have received or are receiving chiropractic care, you have probably wondered what a popping sound or sounds were during treatment. Although there is really no clear explanation, it is highly believed that either a bone is out of place and the pop sounds means it was just realigned or a stiff joint has been unstiffened.

The popping sound, also known as a cavitation, is common to occur during chiropractic spinal adjustments because your spinal joints are being stretched. Spinal joints are technically called synovial joints. Synovial joints produce synovial fluid which lubricate and nourish the joints.
Chiropractors believe synovial fluid is surrounding your joints, and the stretch motion is relieving the possibly stuck fluid which causes the popping sound. Some patients might even proclaim that their back pain is gone or they feel looser after hearing this sound.
People visit a chiropractor because of symptoms such as back pain and stiffness. It should not be a surprise that one might feel cracking or popping when receiving chiropractic treatment. The popping sounds like if two joints were stiffened together and finally got some room to breathe.
Other times you may hear such sounds will be during stretches or exercises a chiropractor might recommend. If the popping sound becomes inadequate or you might feel it is not right, then it is important you bring it up with your chiropractor, so he or she can assess the problem.
In the end, popping or cracking during treatment is just a way your joints are reacting to stretch motions, which is usually a considered a good thing while chiropractors.