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Chiropractic Care and Uneven Leg

Chiropractic care and uneven leg
Do you have chronic lower back pain and can’t find the reason why? A common problem of lower back pain can be due to have an uneven leg, also known as short leg syndrome. In fact, according to a study by Spine ( over 75% of people suffering from lower back pain found that the source of the problem short leg syndrome.

Short leg syndrome doesn’t only affect the lower back, it can also affect the hip and knee. The fact that one leg is working harder than the other due to the unevenness can lead to loss in balance and coordination and muscle spasms.

What Causes An Uneven Leg

The cause of an uneven leg can be functional such as hip tightness, misalignments, and curves in the spine. Over time this type of causes can lead to an discrepancy in one leg. Another cause of an uneven leg can be anatomical such as bone fractures, surgeries, polio, and uneven bone length.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

During a chiropractic visit, a chiropractor will first assess where the leg discrepancy, tightness, or misalignment is coming from. From there a chiropractic care can use treatments such as adjustments, massage, and stretching. The focus will be to strengthen wherever the problem is coming from whether hip or spine, and then work on improving mobility and flexibility.
If the root of the problem is functional, then a chiropractor can do a pretty good job in treating the problem. If the problem is anatomical then a chiropractor will only be able treat the chronic pain.
Sometimes a chiropractor will recommend a heel lift to stabilize the height on the shorter leg.
If you believe you might have short leg syndrome or are dealing with any back or neck pain, you can schedule a consultation with us here.