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Chiropractic Techniques for Neck Pain

chiropractic techniques for neck pain
For neck pain, many people will decide to go with pain relief medication. Although pain medication can help ease neck pain, it will most likely only be temporary. There are chiropractic techniques that can help. These techniques can be more effective than pain medication because they focus on joint motion and reducing neck tightness.

Here are a few techniques a chiropractor can perform to help with neck pain.

Cervical Mobilization

This technique is performed while the patient is lying on his back. A gentle left to right and vice versa neck motion is instituted by the chiropractor as well as a bit of forward and backward movement with some rotation. By doing this the chiropractor is stretching the neck and reducing stiffness as gently as possible. In technical terms, it is reducing fixations and tightness between segments of the cervical spine.

Cervical Manual Traction

The cervical manual traction can be performed in a few ways, but mainly is done so while the patient is lying down or sitting up straight. A chiropractor will gently pull the neck, doing so will be stretching the neck and cervical spine. Based on communication by the patient on whether they feel pain or relief with certain stretch motions, the chiropractor will be able to find the best extensions to target the neck pain and reduce stiff areas.

Cervical Drop Techniques

This technique is different from the rotating and stretching techniques because it focuses on applying pressure on spinal segments while the patient is lying face down or on one side. The table will be equipped with a head-drop piece which helps with the adjustment pressure thrusts. Little by little, the head-drop piece will lower as every thrust is applied. With the help of this type of table, the goal of this technique will be to reduce stiffness in the cervical vertebrae.
There are other chiropractic techniques that are used for neck pain, but are not as gentle as the abovementioned. For better overall comfort and experience of the patient, a chiropractor will most likely always opt for the gentle chiropractic techniques.