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Is a Chiropractor Just Going to Perform an Adjustment?

When you go to the chiropractor, you are likely looking for relief of some sort. You may have pain in your upper or lower back, stiffness in your neck, a pinched nerve, or even be suffering from headaches or migraines. Whatever it is, you want to find out exactly what a chiropractor is going to help with.
Most people make the assumption that the only thing a chiropractor is going to do is perform an adjustment. You lie down on the table, the chiropractor applies pressure and manipulates your spine in a few ways. A few cracks and pops are heard and you’re done. It’s not always that simple.

A good chiropractor is going to establish a full treatment plan to help you with your aches and pains. While manipulations within a chiropractic adjustment are important, it’s often not the only thing that is needed to experience a full recovery or at least a reduction in pain.
A chiropractor is capable of treating many health conditions. This includes injuries, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, problems with the nervous system, and more.
When you see a chiropractor, you may be able to get help with improving the body’s structure as well as learn about various ways to improve posture while you sit, stand, and sleep. If you can improve the strain on the body, you are less likely to experience problems within your back and neck.
Counseling may occur on a healthy diet and an overall improvement on nutrition. You may be lacking various vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and this could be posing a problem with your health. Supplements may be suggested when you come in for your adjustment. Your weight and activity levels may be monitored so additional recommendations can be made.
You may need to learn about lifestyle modifications, which can be as simple as quitting smoking or a little more difficult, such as becoming more active, especially if you are currently very sedentary.
A chiropractor may also counsel you on occupational modifications. This can ensure you are doing all you can to improve motor skills and improve the way that you work. If you are in an active job, learning how to lift and move appropriately can be critical in making improvements in the way you feel at the end of every day.
Everything else that occurs along with an adjustment is to make sure the adjustments last longer. You may be able to experience decompression of the spine, but if all you do throughout the day only helps with compressing the spine again, you aren’t really making any improvements.
A good chiropractor is going to establish long-term benefits with the adjustments so you don’t have to go back over and over again. After 12 weeks or so, you may be able to stop making weekly visits because you will have seen improvements within the way you live your life and the adjustments hold for longer periods of time.