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Why a Chiropractor Might Recommend a Foam Roller

Chiropractic care foam roller
A visit to a chiropractor will usually come with a few adjustments, thrusts or massages, but also with a few recommendations to do on your own. They usually will be in the form of nutritional or physical advice. A lot of problems do come from poor eating habits or lack of exercise or stretching. In this case, chiropractors will sometimes recommend foam rollers for self-massage and to increase your body’s circulation.

Foam rollers are cylinder shaped items made out of foam intended for self-massage and myofascial release. There is an upward trend in chiropractor’s approval of this foam device as a preventive chiropractic treatment. Here are a few benefits of using a foam roller.


The technology age has led to a revolution in bad posture. Whether it’s a job that requires sitting in a desk all day or habitually looking down at your phone constantly for long periods of times, these things lead to pain, stress and lack of mobility in the neck and back. With a foam roller one can lie down on it and use it to stretch the chest area and pull shoulders and head back reducing a lot of tension in the spine.

Easy and Safe

Unlike other things you may read on the internet for back problems such as doing pull ups or weight lifting. A foam roller is easy on the body since all it takes is one owns body weight. A chiropractor will usually demonstrate the necessary foam roller exercise needed for a patient’s particular problem. The idea is to focus on muscles rather than joints since that is what this device is intended for.


A foam roller was designed for myofascial release, which is a way to improve circulation. With improved circulation also comes improved flexibility and range of motion. This is really beneficial for people dealing with muscle imbalances and tightness.
Before going ahead with using foam roller, it is important to consult with a chiropractor first, as you don’t want to be using it incorrectly. For a chiropractic consultation contact us here.