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Chiropractors Push to Be Included in Health Coverage

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Chiropractic care has been proven time and time again to provide health benefits. Unfortunately, not all health insurance policies allow for chiropractor visits. There may still be a co-pay associated with a visit, resulting in more out-of-pocket expenses for patients. This is why many people will avoid the chiropractor entirely, even though they know that there are benefits associated with going.

Since the Affordable Care Act, more chiropractors have been pushing to be included in health coverage. Chiropractors have been lobbying for the past several years to ensure that their services are included in packages provided by the state, being considered “essential health benefits.”
As a result of all of the lobbying, chiropractic care has been included in more health benefits. This means that insurance is more likely to cover chiropractic care now than ever before. As a patient, it allows you to make an appointment with the chiropractor and have most, if not all, of the expenses covered within the policy.
You can always call and find out from the chiropractor’s office if your health insurance is accepted and if your policy provides the necessary coverage. The administrative and billing department will be able to talk to you about what your out-of-pocket expense will be, if any.
In some instances, such as if you have been injured in a car accident, the other person’s car insurance may provide you with the necessary health coverage. This could include chiropractic care, especially if your doctor recommended it as part of your treatment plan.
Visiting a chiropractor is important for a variety of reasons. Spinal manipulation in the form of adjustments and decompression can help eliminate subluxations so that all of the nerves along the spine are flowing properly and the communication from the various systems in the body to the brain are uninterrupted.
When there are spinal curvatures, it can also result in pinching or compressing the nerve, affecting the overall communication. This is when people often experience problems with their digestive tract, experience headaches, have interrupted sleep patterns, and more.
This is all the more reason to have appointments with the chiropractor on a regular basis. You don’t know what the condition of your spine is until you go in for an appointment. Diagnostics can be run, including x-rays – and these will likely be covered by insurance as well. This ensures that the chiropractor is able to make the best possible diagnosis to determine what is going on as well as what can be done to improve your situation.
Whether you want to visit the chiropractor for preventative maintenance or because of back pain or injury, insurance may now cover your visit because of all the lobbying that has been done in the past several years in order to be included. You may be surprised by how little it costs you to get an adjustment because the insurance company is picking up the majority of the cost, if not the entire thing.