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Is Cracking Your Back Healthy

Is Cracking Your Back Healthy?
Cracking your back or neck is very common. If you don’t do it yourself then you probably know someone who does. But is it healthy? The popping or cracking noise you experience is from the pressure applied on joints when these certain stretch movements are made. They are tiny gas bubbles that are being released from the joints.

When people crack their back or neck, they feel relieved as they eliminate any tension they were feeling. Usually that’s not a problem, but in some cases it can actually lead to harmful consequences to your body, including stroke. This is because when too much cracking is being done, ligaments are being stretched excessively to the point that they can become unstable and even snap.
This can also lead to problems such as a:

  • Pinched nerve
  • Misaligned vertebra
  • Stiffness
  • Pain

When you have the tendency to crack your back or neck a lot throughout the day, some good advice would be stretch during a warm shower. Stretching in general is an important asset when it comes to feeling too much tension in the neck.
If you are experiencing too much cracking in your back, then a chiropractor might be a good choice to address the issue. A chiropractor has a full knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics regarding joints. During a visit, their first step will be to determine where the locking up and overstretched areas of your spine are and to start a treatment plan to restore normal joint function.
For a chiropractic consultation regarding tension or a tendency to crack your back or neck a lot, please contact us here and schedule an appointment. For years we have specialized in treating all back, neck, leg and other problems and are eager to get you back to 100%.