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Focus in on the Best Posture for Driving

car posture
Many people don’t give much thought as to how they sit in a car to drive. However, how you sit could be affecting not only your posture, but also the level of pain that you experience throughout your back and shoulders. If you are in pain after long car drives, it’s likely because you don’t have the proper posture, and because you are not providing sufficient lumbar support.

The good news is that there are various things that you can do.
Your car may be equipped with lumbar cushions. These can be adjusted to ensure that you have the support at your lower and mid back. Not all cars have them. If you don’t have the sufficient support, it can cause your spine to curve incorrectly, leading to more pain. There are cushions that you can purchase in order to make your car seat more comfortable. This can be one of the best investments, especially when you can say goodbye to pain.
It is also a good idea to pay attention to your posture when you drive. There are many things that can be adjusted in the driver’s seat. This includes your distance from the steering wheel, the height of your steering wheel, and more. If your steering wheel is too low or too high, it can put unnecessary strain on your shoulders, which can lead to your neck and back shifting.
You may get into the driver’s seat without thinking about your posture at all. You are tired and you simply want to drive home. Regardless of how short your drive home is, you may be slouching, and this is causing you to roll your shoulders – and it can also lead to prolonged periods of pain afterwards. You also want to make sure you are holding the steering wheel as opposed to resting your hands on it.
Here is another tip. Many people put their wallet in their back pocket. This can be one of the worst things for your back because it is causing an imbalance. Your weight is shifted to one side, which can affect your lower back considerably. You should get in the habit of taking your wallet out and placing it in the console before you start up the engine.
Adjusting your mirrors can also help with overall posture. Your side view and rearview mirrors should provide you with a 180° view behind you. If you don’t have the mirrors adjusted, you are likely going to alter your posture in order to see.
Try to avoid spending too much time in the car at a time. Just as you wouldn’t want to sit for prolonged periods at your desk, the same goes for behind the wheel. Take a break every two hours, even if you are on a long drive. This will allow you to get out and stretch so that you get the blood circulating and the muscles can relax for a few minutes.
Making these few changes with the way that you drive and the way that you are seated in the driver’s seat can make all the difference in the world and reduce the amount of pain that you are in after being in the car. Remember to practice good posture whenever you can. Good posture is a key to overall spine health, which affects so much else in your life.
If aches and pains in the neck or back do persist after a long drive, see a chiropractor for an adjustment. They will help get your spine back in shape so you can bet back to living pain free. Having an adjustment prior to a long drive can also lessen the side effects afterwards. However, simply following these tips and practicing good posture while driving can help make seeing the chiropractor, either before or after, unnecessary.