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How Chiropractic Works with Massage Therapy

Combining chiropractic care and massage therapy can benefit you by giving you a faster recovery time. That means less soreness and discomfort. The reason being that when you receive chiropractic care, muscle tension is released, meanwhile pulling one’s structure back out of alignment, which is where massage can come into play. Both take part in a preventative and restorative type of therapy that when combined can help you live your life healthier.

Combining Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

It is recommended massage therapy to be done before chiropractic care treatments, since massage therapy is good for the nervous system. Massaging one’s body first allows the body to lose stiffness so it can be relaxed enough to receive adjustments and realignments more easily. In general, chiropractic care is usually for people that are under constant physical or mental stress. Massage therapy comes into play to double those treatment effects.
For example, it is very common for chiropractic care to be used for physical injuries such as sports or accidents. Chiropractic care and massage will allow the body to recover by improving blood circulation and using the body’s natural energy to heal itself. With improved blood circulation also comes headache relief, decreases pain and stimulates nerve flow.
Other things chiropractic care and massage therapy can treat is spinal stress. It is important that spinal stress is treated in time or conditions can get worse. Here are a few ways you can tell you have spinal stress and you should visit a chiropractor as soon as possible:

  • Sudden, severe back pain (though many times the symptoms can come on gradually and worsen over time)
  • Worsening of pain when standing or walking
  • Some pain relief when lying down
  • Difficulty and pain when bending or twisting
  • Loss of height
  • Deformity of the spine – the curved, “hunchback” shape
  • Pain when lifting a bag of groceries

If you get to the point where the pain is intolerable, you will need a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy.
Now you can see how massage therapy and chiropractic complement each other. Go have your body checked out to see how both of these used together can benefit you.