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Is a Sports Medicine Chiropractor Right For You?

As an athlete, chances are at one point in your career, you may suffer from some type of injury. Should you be treated by your primary care physician or should you seek help from a sports doctor or chiropractor?
A sports medicine chiropractor may be the better option. They are trained to relieve pain, improve stamina and performance and advise you on how to treat and/or prevent further injuries.

What Is a Sports Medicine Chiropractor?

A sports chiropractor is a fully trained medical professional that treats sports-related injuries using chiropractic medicine. While it is still considered “alternative medicine,” sports chiropractic medicine is indeed becoming mainstream. 
Athletic chiropractors take a holistic approach to sports medicine. This means that they treat your body in its entirety, rather than just the injury. They possess extensive knowledge of both sport and sports medicine and are generally better suited to treated sports-related injuries than a family doctor. 
Sports medicine chiropractors have a degree in chiropractic, which makes them a doctor of chiropractic medicine. They have studied areas such as nutrition, anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, physics and so on. They have undergone training in how to adjust patients’ backs, necks, cervical regions, etc as well as intense courses on safety. 

Why You Should See a Sports Medicine Chiropractor

  1. Once you have received your treatment, you will notice that your range of motion has improved. This will help to prevent future injuries and can greatly enhance your overall performance as an athlete.
  2. An athletic chiropractor will treat a variety of issues from minor sprains to major injuries. They are trained to treat injuries such as ankle and foot injuries, back pain and headaches, which may result from neck or head injuries. They use various methods to treat pain and pressure by treating the root cause of the pain.
  3. An adjustment by a professional sports chiropractor helps to relieve the strain that occurs from issues to the human spine, whether it is a disc, muscular, ligaments or nerves. Fixing the strain itself will eliminate the pain that results from the injury.
  4. Chiropractic care can eliminate the need for painkillers. As well, you may be able to avoid surgical procedures as well. The adjustments and methods of treatment are both safe and non-invasive. 

Anyone who participates in sports or other athletic activities can greatly benefit from the help of a sports medicine chiropractor. As well, those who engage in recreational sports can also benefit from sports medicine.