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Lower Back Pain Causes: How Did This Happen?

lower back pain causes
There are plenty of causes for lower back pain. Here, we’ll go over a number of them and how you can deal with them.
One of the most common lower back pain causes is the exertion required to be competitive in athletic activities, regardless of age. Trying to keep up with their 15-year-old son or daughter on the basketball court has punished many parents in their 40s and 50s. Many other sports such as football, weight lifting, surfing and running take a tremendous toll on one’s back as well. Extra precaution should be taken to loosen up before all sports activities.

Overworking your muscles is among the many lower back pain causes. Try to give your back ample time to rest between strenuous activities.
When you don’t exercise, a sudden movement or simple exertion can result in lower back pain. Lack of use can also degenerate discs more quickly. Regular exercise helps them to maintain their form.
Reaching for that tube of Ben Gay sitting at the back of the cabinet can do a number on you if you are not careful. Sometimes an activity as simple as bending over to tie your shoe can cause a herniated disc, so make sure you reach down carefully and correctly.
Not Loosening Up and/or Stretching Before Exercise
When you were young, you didn’t need to stretch. The elasticity in your muscles was far more forgiving then it is later in life. The truth is that you should always loosen up before exercise, regardless of age. Be careful stretching, however. If done incorrectly, you can cause the very pain and injury you are attempting to avoid.
Make sure you warm up, stretch, exercise and cool down, in that order.
Incorrect Sleeping Position
Another of the common lower back pain causes is poor sleeping positions. Sleeping on your stomach is not such a good idea. It puts undue strain on your back. The reason sleeping is one of the most common lower back pain causes is because you sleep through much of the pain that your bad position is causing. If you were awake, you would change positions, but often we only become aware of the injury after the pain is intense enough to wake us up. By then, much of the damage has already been done.
Poor Sitting Posture
We sit far more frequently than our ancestors and probably much more than we should. Our bodies are not built for so much sitting and hunching (as we type on our computers or sit at the table). We often slouch, sit to one side or cross our legs, which can cause lower back pain over time.
Poor Standing Posture
Likewise, many of us have poor posture while standing, but fortunately, we often do not stand for long periods of time. We would rather have lousy posture sitting instead.
Excessive weight can cause back pain by putting stress on your lower back and abdomen. The extra weight causes those muscles to work harder, making them prone to injury. Lose those extra pounds and get your muscles in shape and you will feel a whole lot better, not just in the lower back, but in your entire body.
Smoking decreases blood flow and prevents your muscles from proper recovery. When you injure your lower back, increased blood flow helps to relieve inflammation. Furthermore, smokers are almost twice as likely to experience back pain than non-smokers. If you smoke, stop.