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Massage versus Chiropractic Care

Many people make the assumption that if they want to treat back pain, it is one or the other. They can have massage or they can have chiropractic care. Actually, it doesn’t have to be massage versus chiropractic care; it’s possible to have both. They are each responsible for treating a difference aspect as to why you have the back pain to begin with. Massage is for the muscles while chiropractic is for the bones.

It’s important to note that massage and chiropractic care are both considered “alternative” forms of care and can be best because you are not filling your body with steroids or prescription pain relievers that a doctor would likely subscribe for the pain. Those are not going to help with the problem, only help you deal with the pain.
Massage therapy involves manipulation of the top layer of muscles. It can help to increase circulation and reduce stress. If you have a lot of muscle tension and pain, this can be a great way to experience relief.
Chiropractic care involves adjustments that will help with misalignments of the spine, called subluxations. This involves manipulation of the bone as a way to help with the spine and can help to relieve a number of symptoms, including back pain, headaches, and even allergies.
As to which one is better, it all depends on the individual. What is bothering you? If it’s the muscle, massage may be the best option. If it’s your spine or having to do with the spine, chiropractic care is going to be the best option. It’s often a combination of the two that will provide you with the maximum level of benefits.
Everyone should be visiting the chiropractor several times a year because of spinal misalignments. Sitting for extended periods of time, lifting items that are improperly balanced, sports injuries, and more can lead to curvatures within the spine. When these are not adjusted to provide a correction, it can become a compounded problem, getting worse with every activity.
Both massage and chiropractic care have the ability to improve flexibility and reduce pain. If you go into a chiropractor, relax and learn about your situation. You will receive a full exam, which can include x-rays. At that point, you can learn more about what is causing the pain. If your spine is not misaligned by a lot, much of the pain may be muscle related. Find out if your chiropractor believes massage therapy will be beneficial.
Remember that your chiropractor is not going to steer you wrong. Together, you need to work on a treatment plan that is going to provide you with the best solution moving forward so you can have the flexibility you desire and not be in pain. You may want to consider a chiropractic adjustment when you are having back pain and go in for massage therapy when you are experiencing more muscle tension.
The two are able to work side by side as opposed to being a decision where you can only pick one or the other.