Serving Lancaster And Palmdale, CA
In order to keep any unnecessary burden off the emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, we are available for chiropractic care. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL FOR PROBLEMS YOU THINK WE CAN HELP. You can call us at (661) 940-6302 to make an appointment. Please call when you arrive in the parking lot before you come in. We're only allowing one person in the office at a time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

AV Chiropractic Health Center offers advanced osteoporosis treatment programs that provide strength, balance, bone health and fall prevention in a clinical environment. The program has proven effective in treating osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Sessions last 15 minutes and are once a week.

Our programs utilize the following equipment.

Power Plate machine

The Power Plate machines vibrate, which helps improve blood flow. That, in turn, helps improve the transport of oxygen and nutrients. The vibrations from the machine also serve to increase bone and muscle density.

bioDensity machine

The bioDensity machine produces a safe loading stimulation, similar to impact loading. In simpler terms, impact loading is an exercise that requires you support your own body weight. The stimulus serves to increase bone and muscle mass.

reACT Trainer

The reACT Trainer utilizes non-impact and anaerobic exercise. It helps increase strength and muscle mass and improve balance and coordination. It also aids in injury prevention by improving the muscles’ ability to absorb force.