Should You Still See Your Chiropractor During the Pandemic?

Should You Still See Your Chiropractor During the Pandemic?

Should You Still See Your Chiropractor During the Pandemic?

For patients that were relying on routine chiropractic treatments, COVID-19 has probably interrupted or created obstacles in the manner in which they receive care. Chiropractors, throughout the country are facing a difficult challenge of figuring out how to provide care and advice to their patients, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Here is everything you need to know about getting chiropractic care during COVID-19.

The current stance of chiropractors
Chiropractors, have been deemed “Essential Businesses”, and as such, are able to treat patients with some small modifications. All providers must be very cautious and adhere to the guidelines being issued by the federal and state authorities, as well as the directives being issued by the professional chiropractic organizations. 

Given the fact that chiropractic techniques are quite extensively touch-oriented, chiropractors are taking essential precautions such as screening patients for COVID-19 symptoms, taking temperatures, wearing masks, frequent hand-washing and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the clinics. Many facilities are also providing virtual consultations to patients, with less severe ailments, who may not feel comfortable with an in person appointment. However, if you are experiencing extensive pain and require essential care, you should not hesitate visiting your chiropractor, as delaying can possibly make the issue worse.

Necessary Chiropractic care in the times of COVID
There are some cases that cannot be delayed or forego chiropractic treatments. If you are suffering from a serious musculoskeletal condition, such as sciatica for instance then you require the immediate attention of a chiropractor.

For less serious conditions, there are options such as Telemedicine, that would allow you to obtain chiropractic advice while practicing social distancing. Telemedicine allows you to obtain instructions from your chiropractor via phone or video regarding exercises and stretches that may benefit you. Several different kinds of chiropractic services can be provided via Telemedicine including:

  • Range-of-motion therapies
  • Symptoms examination and determination of patient progress
  • Certain primary care services
  • Postural stretching and correcting techniques

Are chiropractic treatments effective in enhancing Immune System
Given the many benefits that accompany chiropractic care, it can definitely help patients to retain and optimize their health and immunity. Apart from spinal manipulation, there are several other chiropractic techniques used by professional practitioners, such as:

  • Conducting diagnostic, cardiac, and pulmonary training
  • Manual therapy for Neuro-Musculoskeletal problems
  • Imparting nutritional/dietary knowledge and guidance
  • Encouraging physical activity and workout
  • Providing techniques for stress management and reduction

Should you visit your chiropractor?
At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether or not you want to visit your chiropractor during COVID. However, should you decide to seek the advice of your chiropractor, remember to practice all social distancing guidelines, or alternatively, opting for telemedicine or a virtual consultation. In either case, delaying getting professional help will most certainly lead to more problems down the road.