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Stretch at Your Computer and See What Happens

Posture is a big deal. When your posture suffers, your entire body suffers. It is one of the leading causes as to why people make appointments to the chiropractor. While it is important to make appointments with the chiropractor on a regular basis for overall spinal health, you can reduce the pain you are in on a daily basis simply by stretching at your computer.

If you work from home, stretching at your desk is no big deal. People can’t see you, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. If you work in an office, you may feel a little funny about it. However, you can feel healthy for doing it, and you may even start a trend with your coworkers.
By stretching, you help to give your bones, joints, and muscles a little bit of a workout so they aren’t sitting still for so long. Any doctor will tell you that being too sedentary can lead to all sorts of medical problems. It’s not just carpal tunnel that can form from being at the computer. It’s also elbow and shoulder pain as well as problems with the back and neck.
Stand up and sit down a few times, and without using your hands. This can strengthen your back as well as your core muscles. You may want to take it a step further and go into a squat, which will also work your thigh muscles and glutes.
Shrug your shoulders on occasion throughout the day. This is going to release a lot of the tension that sits in your neck and shoulders. Shake your head yes and no – and make it fun. Ask fun questions in your head and then respond to them.
Point your fingers, too. Stretch each of the fingers out and point to the wall, the ceiling, and the floor with each finger on each hand. Move your palm and your wrist as well so you can get the blood flowing throughout your hand.
Remain seated in your chair, but do a torso twist. Grab the back of your office chair with your hand and then twist so that you are looking to your left and then to your right.
If you can get up and move around a little bit, do it. Make excuses to take a few trips to the supply closet, the printer, and even the break room. Instead of sending an email to ask your boss a question, get up and walk to the office.
A little bit of stretching and exercise can go a long way to making sure you are maintaining flexibility and helping your posture. Good ergonomics within the office can also be helpful. If you need a new desk chair, a better phone, or something else, tell your boss.
You may find that you are in less pain on a daily basis because of what you do while sitting at your desk. It can also help your chiropractic adjustments to last longer than just a couple days back in the office.