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Top Workouts to Stretch Your Back and Neck

Your back and neck are responsible for your posture and the overall support of your body. You want to make sure that you are stretching them on a daily basis, as it is going to help with mobility, pain management, and so much more.
There are several different exercises that you can do, even if you don’t have a gym membership, to ensure that your back and neck are in the best possible condition.

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How To Relieve Back Pain Through Simple Exercise

deep abdominal breathing
The philosophy of never forcing or straining, and of moving in a controlled manner, has obvious value. But this philosophy also encompasses the harmony of mind, body and spirit — a concept that is foreign to many people.
Personal trainers often achieve great results with back pain sufferers who are not incapacitated by pain and who are receptive to their training techniques. People who try to avoid philosophical concepts by studying back pain through books, articles and tapes may get some help from this practice, but not nearly as much as those who work with a personal trainer.

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