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The Difference between a Massage and an Adjustment

massage versus chiropractic care
When your back hurts, you’ll do just about anything to feel better. Often, you don’t know what it is that you need in order to feel better. You may be considering a massage or a chiropractic adjustment. There is a difference, and it is important to know which one you will need in order to see an improvement.

Massages are performed by massage therapists. It will generally help to improve blood flow, and it is all focused on muscle. Adjustments are performed by chiropractors, and will focus on bone and ligament, such as adjusting the spine.
Both massages and adjustments have benefits. You will want to figure out which one is going to be best for you based upon where the pain is stemming from. If your back hurts on all levels, you may want to start with a chiropractor, and then he can make suggestions as to what kind of massage therapy you may also need.
It is possible to have both and experience the benefits of both. However, it’s best to get a diagnosis from a medical professional such as a chiropractor so that you aren’t wasting money with a massage when it really is a spinal adjustment that you are in need of.
A massage may also be a great way to help alleviate minor muscle pain if you have been overdoing things for a while. It can be something to improve your level of pain in between your spinal adjustments.
It’s best to call and make an appointment with a chiropractor so that you can discuss all of your options. An exam can be performed so that you can talk about your level of pain and where it hurts. X-rays may even be conducted in order to find out if you are suffering from any kind of disk inflammation, misalignments with your spine, and more.
When you go in for a massage, you are typically going to strip down to your undergarments. Massage oil is going to be used to help with aromatherapy. Your muscles will then be kneaded in order to improve the blood flow and help to relieve any kind of knots and cramping.
When you go in for a chiropractic adjustment, you are going to keep your clothes on. The chiropractor is going to talk to you about where you may have limited mobility and then your body will be moved in various ways in order to unlock the subluxations.
Your health insurance may cover adjustments with the chiropractor, but likely not massage therapy. This is another thing to take into consideration when you are comparing the two because you want insurance to cover as much as possible in order to help you improve the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. Talk to your insurance company to find out what they do pay for so that you know more about what your options are. From there, make the appointment with a chiropractor and decide whether it is just adjustments that you need, or also massage.