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The Importance of Chiropractic Maintenance

what to tell your chiropractor
Many people think that a trip to the chiropractor is a “one and done” kind of visit. You have a kink in your neck or lower back pain so you make an appointment. You make the assumption that all you need is one appointment and you will be “magically cured”. This is not accurate. Chiropractic maintenance is of the utmost importance.

One of the first things to realize is that the spine is very intricate. There are many vertebrae, and it takes a specific shape that starts up in your neck and works its way all the way down to your buttocks. Along the way, there are curves. Over time, these curves can become more dramatic. There may also be shifts within the curves that begin to compensate in order to help with your overall movement.
For example, if you have poor posture, your body is going to compensate by shifting the spine in the other direction. Then as you continue with the poor posture, your spine compensates again and again. It takes time for your chiropractor to make adjustments so that your spine regains the correct shape. It would be great if one adjustment could do the trick, but it’s not realistic.
Even if your spine does not have any improper curvatures, chiropractic maintenance is still important. Another thing to be aware of is that you are constantly doing harm to your spine. As you sit for long periods of time, gravity is taking over and your back is compressing. This compression can lead to lower back pain.
Decompression treatments, such as traction, can be used to help alleviate the pressure. This can also reduce the pain and improve mobility. It’s an ongoing treatment, however, because you are still sitting, you’re still moving, and you’re still living your life. The maintenance of going back to the chiropractor ensures that a situation never gets too bad.
It is as if the chiropractor is cleaning up the mess that you make on a regular basis. You get the oil on your car changed regularly so that your car runs the way it should. You should be maintaining your back in a similar way by going to the chiropractor. After “so many miles”, you should be back in for an adjustment, a decompression treatment, or something else as recommended by your chiropractor.
You need to do what you can for your spine. It is what will help you live the life you want to live. If you’re not taking care of your back, neck, and shoulders, the effects are going to catch up to you sooner than you want them to. Pain can be debilitating and affect the way you move and the way you live. You don’t want to be out of commission, even as you get older. With chiropractic maintenance, you keep your bones, muscles, and joints in the best possible working order. It doesn’t take long to get under the care of a chiropractor, and they will tell you how often you should be coming in.