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The Importance of Discussing Your Aches and Pains

working with your chiropractor
Your aches and pains need to be discussed on a regular basis with your chiropractor. No chiropractor in the world is going to simply make adjustments on you without first talking about where you are and what level of pain you are in. Having constant communication is of the utmost importance in order for you to find relief.

Much of your pain may stem from other areas. For example, if you have pain in your shoulders, it may actually be as a result of an imbalance within your hips. Your back and the rest of your body is often going to try and self heal. If there is an imbalance somewhere, your spine is going to compensate.
As a result of this compensation, it can actually cause more problems. You are going to throw off the natural curvatures within your spine because it’s going to move back and forth as a way to compensate for the issues.
This means that each time you go to the chiropractor and after each time you get a massage, you may notice that the aches and pains are found in different areas. The shoulders may start to feel great, but that the lower back is going to her, or hips are going to hurt and then suddenly your next starts to hurt. It’s all interconnected and therefore shouldn’t surprise you when the aches and pains start to move.
Because of the movement, it is all the more reason to discuss where the aches and pains are taking place. Your chiropractor needs to know where you are in the greatest level of pain in order to make modifications to your treatment plan. What started out as just working on your neck may slowly start to include your upper back, your lower back, and your hips.
There is nothing wrong with having aches and pains in different places, especially if you are under chiropractic care. Often, you are going to have pain for a while until everything is under control and you start to get subluxations out of your spine.
As you go about your daily routine, you are also likely going to experience some pain here and there. Part of this may be due to improper lifting or moving and part of it may be due to the healing process. You may have been moving wrong for so long that your muscles have gotten used to it. Now that your muscles have been loosened up and your spine has proper curvature, moving the right way doesn’t feel natural – and this simply takes some training.
The next time you make an appointment with your chiropractor, be honest about where all of the aches and pains are. If you are getting treatment currently for a specific area, don’t hesitate to mention some of the other areas that may be causing you discomfort. Remember that your entire body is connected, and it won’t be surprising if more than one area hurts at a time. The only way to start to feel better is by telling the chiropractor so that he or she knows how to make the necessary adjustments.