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How to Treat Aches and Pains in the Winter Months

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Have you ever noticed there seem to be more aches and pains in the winter months than any other time of the year? Some of this can be blamed on barometric pressure, but the reality is that the cold weather can simply bring a lot of discomfort.
When you find that the aches and pains are simply unbearable, make an appointment with a chiropractor. With training in musculoskeletal pain, your chiropractor explore the aches and discomforts and help to solve the underlying problems that may be creating the pain to begin with.

Chiropractic care is effective in treating an array of different ailments. You may have subluxations within your spine that are causing discomfort, and by establishing a treatment plan, it may be possible to avoid pain medications or even back surgery.
When the winter months become colder, there are a few ways to alleviate some of the discomfort.


Physical exercise is one of the best ways to warm up the body. Even if you are not completely fit, your chiropractor can talk to you about different exercises that are healthy for you – and that can help to improve the flexibility of your joints at the same time.


You should always keep your body hydrated and drink lots of water. The humidity is often low when it’s cold outside, and most people don’t want to drink something that’s cold when their bodies are cold. However, drinking water (hot or cold) can be one of the best things for you.

Heat Therapy

Heating pads can be very effective as well. As you heat your joints, it can help to reduce inflammation and therefore improve the aches and pains so that they are not as devastating.
All of these different things may be part of the treatment plan that is established between you and your chiropractor. You may be asked to come in in order to talk about your level of pain. This is when honesty is the best policy because if a certain treatment is not providing you any relief, your treatment plan will need to be tweaked so that you can start to say goodbye to pain.
The last thing you want to do is stay silent and be miserable throughout the entire winter season. Depending upon where you live and how rough the season is for the year, you may be dealing with cold weather for weeks or even months at a time.
Take the time to make an appointment with a chiropractor so that you can find out what the cause of the aches and pains are and establish a treatment plan that is personalized for you. It can be the ultimate way to get through the winter without being in pain the entire time.