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Treat Pain With Chiropractic Instead of Opioids

Treat Pain With Chiropractic Instead of Opioids
Thousands of people in the U.S. have died from prescription opioid abuse. According to the CDC one in four patients who get prescribed opioids for pain relief struggle with addiction.

The problem with opioids, besides overuse and death, is that it can ease condition symptoms, but it doesn’t heal the root cause. This can lead to overexertion and a longer healing process, including a permanent injury.
Chiropractic can be a better approach to pain management because there is no associated addiction or overuse and there is absolutely no drugs necessary.
The American College of Physicians updated its guidelines, highlighting non-invasive and non-drug treatments such as chiropractic care as a first resort when it comes to pain management. Only when these treatments provide little or no relief is when patients should use drugs. Drugs such as ibuprofen or muscle relaxants with limited pain-relief effects. Lastly, the guidelines say opioid prescriptions should be left as a last resort citing addiction and overuse.
The CDC also updated its guidelines regarding prescribing opioids, recommending non-drug alternatives first for pain relief.