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Want to Lose Weight for the New Year? Follow These Tips

Have you been looking for ways to lose weight? You may be able to say goodbye to a lot of back pain and even joint pain around your knees and ankles by shedding some pounds. It could be a great resolution for the New Year. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Get Rid of the Bad Food

You may have quite a bit of unhealthy food in your cupboards. This could include chips, processed foods like mashed potatoes and gravies, and much more. You should do the same in your fridge and freezer. Frozen chicken nuggets, ice cream and other foods are not going to help you lose weight. Focus on getting rid of anything that is overly processed as well as that is high in calories, fat, and sodium.
When your kitchen doesn’t have those temptations, it will be easier to achieve the goals of losing weight. If you don’t know what to do with the food you want to get rid of, think about giving it to neighbors or bringing it down to a food center that helps the homeless.

Eat Healthier

Start to eat healthier. You want to try and maintain a total calorie intake of around 1600 calories a day. Maybe a little more or less depending on your current weight and what your weight loss goals are. You may want to get a healthy cookbook so you have some good recipes to follow. Stop cooking in fat and using a deep fryer. Focus more on grilling and baking as it can reduce the number of calories that you consume tremendously.

Explore Supplements

Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals. If your body isn’t getting them, it can make it harder for you to lose weight. What supplements do you need? It varies from person to person. When you make an appointment with your chiropractor, it’s possible to learn about the different supplements and receive a personal analysis so that you choose what’s needed for you.

Start Exercising

Every personal trainer, doctor, and fitness guru will tell you that to lose weight, it has to be a combination of eating healthier and exercising. You need to watch the number of calories that go in and work on burning a large number of those calories. A good mix is to do cardio as well as strength training. You can do these on the same day or alternate and do hard cardio one day and strength training with weights the next day.
You should plan on exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes each day, five to six days a week. It may take a little while to get used to it, but pretty soon, it will be part of your routine.
If you want to start exercising and losing weight, make an appointment with your chiropractor. It’s possible to learn about exercises that are right for you based upon your aches and pains as well as overall level of flexibility. He can also talk to you about supplements to ensure you’re fueling your body properly along the way.