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What is the Goal of a Chiropractic Adjustment?

When you go to a chiropractor, you are likely going to get an adjustment. This is typically going to involve lying down on a table and the chiropractor will move you about as necessary in order to adjust your spine. You will likely hear some pops and cracks along the way, but you know what the actual goal is during an adjustment?

In most instances, chiropractic techniques are used to restore or enhance the function of joints. When joint function is improved, joint inflammation can be resolved and pain can be reduced.
There are various techniques that will be used by a chiropractor depending upon the current state of your back as well as what the goal is during your adjustment. In some instances, force may be required, which involves spinal manipulation. Other techniques are going to be gentler, which can include spinal mobilization.
For years, chiropractors used what is known as an HV LA thrust during an adjustment. This was a high velocity, low amplitude thrust that would help with the overall spinal manipulation. Now, chiropractors use an array of different techniques and approaches, and these are generally named after the chiropractor who first developed the technique.
If you are curious about what the goal is during your chiropractic adjustment, ask your chiropractor prior to them laying hands on you. They will be able to explain all of the techniques that will be used and what the purpose of them are.
You are in charge of your health just as much as your chiropractor is, if not more so. If you don’t agree on the goals of the chiropractic adjustment, speak up. You want to make sure that you are gaining as many health benefits as possible during the adjustment, and it is likely that there will be 8 to 10 techniques used by every chiropractor – and many may be used during a single adjustment.
Some chiropractors will use their hands while others will use instruments during the manipulation of the spine. Asking about what your chiropractor is going to use can help you understand more about the treatment process as well as how the goals are going to be reached. Some chiropractors prefer to use a deeper adjustment that pops the joints into place while others will use a lower force method. Much of it is going to depend upon the overall condition of your back and what needs to be rectified in order to improve the overall spinal condition.
The only way to know for sure is to ask plenty of questions. This can be done prior to your adjustment, and if there is anything that you are uncomfortable with, speak up. Your chiropractor should be more than happy to make some changes to the way you will be adjusted so that you are more comfortable throughout the process.
Once you know the goal of the chiropractic adjustment, it may be easier for you to lie down and relax, and to keep coming back for future treatments.