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Winter Activities in Lancaster CA

Winter Activities in Lancaster CA

Winter delivers a lovely blend of festive cheer, indoor experiences, and family-friendly festivities that are fun for both couples and families. There is an excitement to be said for winter activities in Lancaster, CA. This time of year you’re able to enjoy rural expeditions and activities while supporting local businesses and enjoying local cuisine!

Castle Roller skating is a popular destination for families during the winter months. It’s a great way to entertain your family and help them stay in shape. Roller skating easily burns calories, improves balance, strength, and flexibility. Castle Roller skating is proud of being “the fun place for the entire family”. According to, “Their goal is to provide entertainment for people of all ages”.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is another popular destination. The museum is dedicated to the appreciation of art, history, and culture in the Antelope Valley. Take the whole family and walk around the exhibits for all ages. The museum collects post-war period and contemporary art, sculpture, prints, drawings, photography, and film. Kids can enjoy the locally collected dinosaur and native artifacts, while adults can view presentations on sustainable energy. It’s a fun way to stay active during winter.

Another museum to visit is the Antelope Valley Indian Museum. The museum displays artifacts of American Indian groups from the Southwest, the Great Basin, and California. It’s located on the south side of Piute Butte with Joshua trees and towering rock foundations for scenery.

Take a winter weather hike through the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster. During the winter months, you can view the beautiful snowy scenery accompanied by possible jackrabbit or cottontail sightings.